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Expand Your Palate & Experience New Techniques

We invite you to experience the fusion of French and Japanese cuisine like never before. Whether you're a sushi enthusiast, a wine connoisseur, a lover of gourmet surprises, or hosting a DC team-building activity/outing, our interactive/private dining experiences are tailor-made for the most discerning palates and special occasions. Join us in our elegant and intimate setting for a culinary journey that will leave a lasting impression. Reserve your table today and savor the extraordinary at our French and Japanese restaurant in the heart of downtown Washington, D.C. 

a tray of food on a plate

Try Your Hands at Sushi Making


Immerse yourself in the art of authentic sushi-making and elevate your culinary skills with a hands-on experience. Our Sushi Chef will guide you through the process of crafting exquisite sushi while educating you on the diverse range of seafood options and how to select the finest ingredients. With step-by-step demonstrations, you will learn the intricate techniques of cutting seafood, preparing sushi rice, and rolling sushi. After crafting your sushi, indulge in your savory creations accompanied by a warm bowl of miso soup and a taste of Sake. Classes are $105 per person.


a wooden cutting board with a knife

Chocolate 101 Class


Sweeten your culinary skills and discover the art of crafting exquisite chocolates paired with fine wine. You'll learn the secrets of opening fresh cocoa pods, master the art of chocolate tempering, and adorn your personalized barks with assorted dried fruits, nuts, and other delicious toppings. This experience is a true sensory delight. Perfect for individuals and couples looking for a fun and immersive experience.


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Chef's Tasting


Experience our interactive Chef’s Tasting dinner with 6 courses that range from a combo of tangy, refreshing, and savory flavors to keep your taste buds excited. Our distinguished chef will take you on a journey through the menu explaining the significance of each dish, creative preparation, and ingredient pairing as you indulge. Dinner includes 6-courses + 5 carefully selected wine pairings at $205 per person.

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16-Course Omakase Tasting

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An intimate and immersive omakase-style tasting experience; indulge in 16 courses of fine-quality ingredients and locally sourced seafood prepared to perfection for combo flavors out of this world.

Our talented sushi chef will take you on a journey through a variety of dishes and optional sake pairings, imparting valuable knowledge about the ingredients and preparation as you savor each bite at your own pace.